Mr. Copeland is a trial lawyer with experience in multiple types of litigation, including direct condemnation by government agencies, inverse condemnation, and linear corridor acquisitions. True to the standard of Brigham Property Rights Law Firm, Mr. Copeland only represents property owners in defending their Constitutional right to full compensation. Mr. Copeland was involved in successfully representing multiple property owners in regard to condemnations for natural gas pipelines by Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC and Florida Gas Transmission. He is experienced in heavily litigated cases involving land use and zoning, where use and value of real estate were at issue. Mr. Copeland is familiar with real estate appraisal theory and methodology used in property valuation as to condemnation. He is also knowledgeable in matters involving the highest and best use or contested title and ownership issues. Given his experience, Mr. Copeland recently presented at the 2018 Florida CLE, International Eminent Domain conference on issues surrounding natural gas takings in federal courts.

 Mr. Copeland comes to the practice of law after several years serving in local church ministry. He has garnered substantial litigation experience representing clients in both large and small cases statewide. Mr. Copeland believes in the individual ownership of property and the many other rights derive from the same. He is best known for work throughout Florida representing property or business owners in eminent domain proceedings. His experience includes representing owners in evidentiary matters such as hearings on orders of taking, bench trials in inverse condemnation, and appeals, both in state and federal court. Mr. Copeland is also a Florida affiliate member of Owners’ Counsel of America, a nationwide network of eminent domain attorneys dedicated to defending property owners. You are invited to learn more about Owners’ Counsel of America at

Mr. Copeland is a graduate of Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida (B.S., Chemistry, 1993). He received his Juris Doctorate from the Liberty University School of Law (J.D. 2015). Mr. Copeland was admitted into the Florida Bar in 2015 and is also admitted to practice before the Middle and Northern Districts of the United States District Court in Florida, as well as the Eleventh Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals.