JTA Wonderwood Connector: Residential Front Yards (Duval County, FL)

JTA Wonderwood Connector: Residential Front Yards (Duval County, FL)

In 2005, 2006, and 2007, Mr. Brigham, while a partner in the predecessor firm of Brigham Moore, LLP,  represented over twenty different homeowners and an apartment complex in three successive jury trials involving partial takings for the Wonderwood Connector in Jacksonville, Florida.  Many of the homes were located on beautifully canopied Ft. Caroline Road, a two-lane road, which was voted the third prettiest street in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (“JTA”) took the owners’ front-yards to construct a new four-lane, major arterial roadway.  The project’s construction removed the canopy trees on either side of the roadway and resulted in a change of grade in the new road by as much as eight feet.  Initial offers recognized little or no severance damages to the homes or apartment complex.  Jury verdicts recognized substantial severance damages in each of the three jury trials.  Some verdicts were between the owner’s appraiser’ testimony and the owner’s testimony.

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Andrew Brigham - author

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  • Steve and Sheila Glaser says:

    It’s been many years, but I just stumbled across this while reviewing some history of the Wonderwood project.

    Thank you Andrew for your masterful representation against some powerful adversaries.
    While we wish we’d never had to endure this construction project, from Day 1 we felt confident that you and your staff had our backs.
    Having never been through eminent domain, we had questions (boy did we have questions) and whether it was meeting with us in our home or responding by phone, we always got our answers.
    That the jury award was MORE that we’d asked for spoke volumes about your ability to express how taking property through eminent domain has a much greater effect on a family than just numbers.

    Thank you,

    The Glaser Family


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