Historical Roots Of Our Eminent Domain Law Firm


The beginning

In 1950, E.F.P. Brigham became a pioneer in the field of eminent domain law when the property that he owned in Miami was condemned by Dade County. He argued that Florida’s constitutional guarantee of full compensation required reimbursement of an owner’s costs in the proceedings should be paid by the condemning authority.

The issue was ultimately decided by the Florida Supreme Court in the landmark decision of Dade County v. Brigham, which determined that Florida’s state constitution requires condemning authorities to reimburse an owner’s costs in eminent domain proceedings.


Florida’s oldest & largest

In 1972, E.F.P.’s son, Toby Prince Brigham, founded a firm devoted to exclusively defending owners in eminent domain and property rights cases. The law firm eventually became Florida’s oldest and largest law firm, providing representation for private owners affected by government takings and intrusive land use regulations. Eventually Brigham Moore LLP expanded to five offices across the Florida, with 21 lawyers defending property rights.


Devoted to property rights

In 2012, after more than twenty years of practicing law with with Brigham Moore LLP, Andrew Prince Brigham founded a new law firm that is devoted to representing property and business owners in matters of eminent domain, property rights, and real estate litigation/consultation. Andrew, along with a team of trained professionals, continued with a statewide practice solely devoted to representing private owners, not the government. The law firm soon expanded to five lawyers, each having the same passion of defending private property rights.