As an eminent domain focused law firm, our practice is committed to championing the civil right of private property ownership for property and business owners.

When there is reasonable necessity and public purpose for a property to be taken, the property owner is entitled to receive full compensation. The measure of “full compensation” is the amount of money which makes the owner whole, and as a property owner, you are to be in the same position financially as they were prior to the property being taken. Under Florida law, the condemning authority is also required to pay the owner’s attorneys’ fees and costs as part of the measure of full compensation.


our philosophy of practice

we are client committed

  • A truly successful protection of property rights begins and ends with the owner’s goals.
  • Our practice of law is devoted to solely representing property and business owners, not the government.
  • Property divides power between the sovereign and the individual.
  • Property provides the individual with their own piece of sovereignty and makes possible for citizens to both exercise their freedoms and be rewarded for their own industry.
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we are cause oriented

  • We believe the protection and advancement of one of our most fundamental civil rights, private property ownership, has life and breadth in every case.
  • We desire to shape the law while protecting constitutional principles upon which our nation and state have been founded.
  • We understand both law and equity when resolving disputes between property interests.
  • Property does not have rights; people do.
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we are results-driven

  • Zeal is needed to advance private property interests; yet effectiveness requires more than passion.
  • We strive for an excellence in representing clients that requires both hard work and diligence in defending what is “right” or “correct” in a case.
  • It is important to understand that it is not enough just to be “right.”
  • We also know that we must find a way to “win with what is right. See Our Results
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